Domain Reseller in Bangladesh

Would you like to be a domain registrar, and resell domain names quickly and easily? You can start today by using Hosting4bd Domain Reseller Service. A strong and robust Domain Reseller Panel; Our Domain Reseller Platform is the most modern, turnkey domain reseller solution available. After you have applied for wholesale domain names and become a reseller partner you will obtain immediate access.


Reseller Store

Brand all your client facing interfaces, we are completely invisible to your clients.

Get access to of Payment Gateways, no hassles of technical integration.

Control Panel

Branded Control Panels for you, your Customers, your Sub-Resellers, their Sub-Resellers.

You are free to select your domains, set your selling prices and profit margins.

Domain API

Free Comprehensive API Kit.

API services can be seamlessly added to other websites and WHMCS.

Domain Management

Stay organized and on top of your domains with our easy domain management tools. Edit A, MX, CNAME, NS, and SOA records.


Hosting4bd’s Domain Reseller system allows you to start selling Domains with an instant activation account. Our domain reseller system comes with following features:

TLDSLAB 1 (5000 BDT Initial Deposit)SLAB 2 (10000 BDT Initial Deposit)SLAB 3 (15000 BDT Initial Deposit)SLAB 4 (20000 BDT Initial Deposit)
.comTk. 1000.00Tk. 950.00Tk. 900.00Tk. 850.00
.netTk. 1050.00Tk. 1000.00Tk. 950.00Tk. 900.00
.orgTk. 1050.00Tk. 1000.00Tk. 950.00Tk. 900.00
.infoTk. 450.00*Tk. 400.00*Tk. 350.00*Tk. 300.00*
.bizTk. 1000.00*Tk. 950.00*Tk. 900.00*Tk. 850.00*
.usTk. 850.00Tk. 800.00Tk. 750.00Tk. 700.00
.xyzTk. 200.00*Tk. 180.00*Tk. 150.00*Tk. 140.00*
.nameTk. 900.00Tk. 850.00Tk. 800.00Tk. 750.00
.mobiTk. 400.00*Tk. 350.00*Tk. 300.00*Tk. 250.00*
.asiaTk. 600.00*Tk. 550.00*Tk. 500.00*Tk. 450.00*
.ukTk. 1000.00Tk. 950.00Tk. 900.00Tk. 850.00
.agencyTk. 600.00*Tk. 550.00*Tk. 500.00*Tk. 450.00*
.pressTk. 230.00*Tk. 200.00*Tk. 180.00*Tk. 150.00*
.telTk. 1400.00Tk. 1350.00Tk. 1300.00Tk. 1250.00
.meTk. 600.00*Tk. 550.00*Tk. 500.00*Tk. 450.00*
.newsTk. 1600.00*Tk. 1550.00*Tk. 1500.00*Tk. 1450.00*
.shopTk. 1000.00*Tk. 950.00*Tk. 900.00*Tk. 850.00*
.onlineTk. 250.00*Tk. 230.00*Tk. 200.00*Tk. 180.00*
.wsTk. 1000.00*Tk. 950.00*Tk. 900.00*Tk. 850.00*
.marketTk. 2500.00Tk. 2450.00Tk. 2400.00Tk. 2350.00
.inTk. 1000.00Tk. 950.00Tk. 900.00Tk. 850.00
.coTk. 1000.00*Tk. 950.00*Tk. 900.00*Tk. 850.00*
.websiteTk. 200.00*Tk. 180.00*Tk. 150.00*Tk. 130.00*
.caTk. 1380.00Tk. 1340.00Tk. 1290.00Tk. 1250.00

Here are the popular TLDs. You will find all TLDs at the reseller. You can contact us to know the price of them.

*Define promo price. Which is only applicable for new domain registration. Price will be changed for renew.