Auto Flexiload Software

We provide Full management Flexiloads Software. It is a a web based mobile phone balance transfer accounting software. This application maintains transaction related information for customer/vendor. At the same time, manages the accounts owned by the client. Admins are responsible for maintaining information of customer/vendor. Users of the system can login based on their access level. 4 types of access level currently defined into the application.

Flexiload Software

Auto Flexiload Software Features

6 Level

Server, Admin, Reseller4, Reseller3, Reseller2, Reseller1

Easy Billing (Mobile & PC)

You can access easily from web and mobiles.

Transaction ID & Confirmation Message Facility

You get all transaction id and the confirmation message

24/7 Live or Phone Support

Our dedicated supports team ready to supports any time.

30 Days Money Back Guaranty

We are ready to back your money if you are not satisfied.

Free Android Apps

We provide free Android App in all packages.